About G Seven Generations (G7G)

The Game-Changing Mission & The People Behind It

Why was G7G first contemplated?

G Seven Generations Limited (G7G), a British Columbia – Alberta Corporation, was formed to develop alternative solutions for the benefit of everyone. All G7G projects will be supported and approved by directly-affected First Nations complete with equity ownership. This support is either by a signed letter or by verbal commitment awaiting a formal presentation. It was a deliberate strategy to keep this project low profile and out of the media, except one short release in June 2011 by special request, until all of the First Nations had been personally informed.

Recognition, Respect and Relationship building.

Our Mission

G7G has developed the only viable alternative solution to the BC coastal waters supertanker oil spill risk concern and has support for the concept of this nation-building, all-commodity infrastructure project from Leadership of the First Nations/Tribes that will be affected.

We will be applying the latest modern technologies to the design and operation for this Un-Conventional railway, whereby safety is a priority one concern.

Our Vision

The project is a new, approximately 2,450 km long, purpose-built, state-of-the-art railway from the oil sands of Ft. McMurray and Peace River regions of Alberta connecting to the Pacific tidewater ports of Valdez and Anchorage, Alaska. With respect to handling petroleum products, the people of Valdez have the existing under-utilized supertanker port facility, the experience, the capacity and the desire to export petroleum products on behalf of G7G. Over the past 100+ years, the American State of Alaska and the Yukon Territory of Canada have tried on many occasions to have a railroad built that would link them to the rest of North America. G7G has their enthusiastic support for this project.

The People Behind The Project

Matt Vickers (Gunaatsk)


Matt specializes in establishing links in cross-cultural business environments. He has a successful track record of matching Aboriginal with non-Aboriginal potential business partners. Matt’s in-depth knowledge of the Aboriginal market stems from his First Nation roots (Tsimshian/Heiltsuk & Haida) and his extensive work with Aboriginal communities in areas of organizational reviews; business plan development; feasibility studies; roles and responsibility training for elected leaders and staff; five year funding agreements; policy development; board training, as well as goals and objectives setting sessions.
Matt’s dedication to institutions of higher learning includes: a founding board member of the University of Victoria’s Administration of Aboriginal Government certificate program; the University of British Columbia’s advisory board for their Bachelor of Commerce program and a founding member of the Chinook Program; Simon Fraser University’s Presidents Advisory Board and the Banff Centre’s Advisory Council as well as Head of Faculty for their Principles and Practice of Good Governance Program since 2000. Matt has been recognized with several awards for his performance in business and for his passionate support of diversity in the workplace.

Len Wilson

Managing Director

Len has spent most of his working life in Management with almost twenty years as General Manager with an Alberta Manufacturing Company that specializes in the innovation, design, production and distribution of Forestry Equipment. After the successful sale of his personal project to Caterpillar, and looking for a rewarding change, Len began to focus on the needs of Canadian Aboriginals. To this end, Len holds the honour of being the only non-Aboriginal to complete the necessary courses at the Banff Centre to receive his Certificate of Aboriginal Leadership, Governance and Management Excellence. It was during his Banff Centre training that Len decided to focus on what he and Ward have dubbed the Aboriginal Energy Ownership Initiative. This Initiative is designed to introduce Renewable Energy opportunities and training within the Aboriginal Traditional Territories complete with an equity stake for the Community.

Ward Kemerer


Ward has worked in British Columbia’s renewable energy sector for over 25 years. He is a founding director of the Independent Power Producers Association of B.C. Ward’s prospecting work has led to the successful development of renewable energy projects that together generate over 80 megawatts of electricity, with wind projects that will generate well over 1,000 megawatts currently permitted and ready to build.

Over the past few years, Ward has directed his attention towards the potential of integrating our Western Canadian Electrical Grids.
Ward is dedicated to environmental concerns and advancing innovative technologies in the energy sector, with a focus on pumped hydro energy storage to enable Alberta a quick transition off fossil fuel power generation and facilitating the addition of 100% variable renewable energy build-out without constraints