The G7G Railway Project

Connecting a Nations Resources for Generations

A Game-Changing – Nation-Building Infrastructure

Canada is rich in natural resources, especially in the Western Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan plus the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Unfortunately many of these resources are land-locked with difficult, uneconomic or congested access to Pacific tidewater for export.
The majority of the Canadian people, led by the First Nations, are in favour of the extraction of the resources, but they are adamantly opposed to supertankers filled with oil, either refined products, dilbit or raw bitumen, shipped from Canadian West Coast ports. The concern is the inevitable spill, however unlikely, and the devastating consequences that will occur. The Exxon Valdez catastrophe in Valdez, Alaska is proof that this concern is warranted. Any proposal advocating supertanker expansion in BC coastal waters is being, and will be, fought against with every means available and necessary. The First Nations have a Traditional, Cultural and Legal Right to protect their Traditional Territory. They have been the stewards of this territory since the beginning of time and will continue to maintain this responsibility until the end of time.

From Alberta to Alaska – oil shipped out of an existing supertanker port at Valdez

The Current Impasse – Fall 2017

  • The Federally-approved Kinder Morgan TMX Pipeline
  • A new BC Government intent on halting it’s construction – somehow
  • Communities, both indigenous and non-indigenous, not wanting oil spill risk imposed upon the Salish Sea
  • The Politics of Persuasion ? of Jurisdiction ?  Or Supreme Court of Canada ?
  • Discussions among the Premiers of BC – Alberta and Prime Minister of Canada
  • …..about the Acrimony-Free, Multi-Talented G7G Railway option?